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We are a Full Production Music Recording Studio in Chennai.


Mixing & Mastering

We do anything and everything to do with music from Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Training all at one place!




We are located at Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.


Great ambiance to track Acoustic or Electric Guitars. I was thrilled to hear my acoustic guitar tone in the studio. Just mind blowing with EQ or any dynamics!


— Vishnu Ramprasad Guitarist

Recording an entire band the same time! this is the place. High end Mic-Pre’s, best results. My band sounds full and like what tone we expected.

—White Lady Band

Great place, lovely ambience. It’s always fun recording at Digi Sound Studio.



—Duality Band

Recording here is very convenient, output is of very good quality! Since Baba is a musician, I’ve had no problems with final editing and mixing.

—Jaya Shekar

Welcome to DIGI SOUND STUDIO, a professional recording studio located in Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai. From Recording to Mastering Studio owner, sound engineer & Trainer Baba Prasad, this studio was designed to serve any type of Music genre to the most demanding recording music industry.

Digi Sound Studio was founded in the year 2003 by Baba Prasad and designed by Mr. S.L Balaji who is a senior most Sound Engineer and Studio consultant in the city. It has one ISO Room (Vocal Booth) and a LIVE Room to accommodate a live band to track at once! We have our updated Avid Protools HD 12.x combined with top notch Mic Pre’s in the industry like the API 512c and JDK Audio R20 to give you that solid punchy sound in your recordings. Whether you do a Voice Over/ Dubbing / Music recording or a demo EP, everything sound so natural to your ears using our high end Genelec 8040 Active Studio Monitors.

Lastly, our services include from recording, mixing, mastering, music production & training.

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