Vocal Recording

Vocal Recording

Vocal recording is just not placing a good Condenser and just start recording. Many people ask me these questions.

  • Which microphone should I use?
  • What is the model?
  • Should I EQ my Vocals and then Compression or the Reverse?
  • What Pre-Amp should I use?
  • What is the Best Plugin for Vocal?

This is NOT about TOP High Quality Mic’s or Plug-ins or outboard gear, its purely dependent on the Artistes, Yes that’s the BIG SECRET to this ART of recording VOCALS. ┬áBut today many people tell that I can fix it on the MIX!

Where? How? When?

If you really want to know the TRUE essence of Great Vocal Recording even at your Bedroom Home Studio Setup, then head down to my RECORDING COURSE. Call me at : 9884145966 or mail me at babalkp@gmail.com


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