Protools 7 band EQ and Compressor plugin

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Well, most of the home studio users or starters on Avid Protools(DAW) have a misunderstanding of the Avid Stock Plugins. In my career as a sound engineer for the past 15 years, I have been using these two best Protools 7-band EQ and the Compressor for years and have used them on various type of tracks etc.

As i say that there are no fixed rules in your mixing, at the end of the day, it how you used them on your tracks for the mix.

7 Band EQ Avid Protools

7 Band EQ Avid Protools

This EQ can do a lot more faster and its notch filter is very powerful and efficient. Mainly its because the way the graph which is displayed is too user friendly from 20Hz to 20 KHz, with an Hi Pass filer and a LP Filter. This is not only an 7-band EQ but also a Phase Flip Button on the top left corner which is very handy, and the most final important point is that it occupies very minimal on your RAM & CPU  usage when you handle large sessions.

Compressor Avid Protools

Compressor Avid Protools

This is my favourite goto plugin compressor in my most sessions. Its fast,  easy to adjust and most is the display of the Gain Reduction Meter which helps us to read things faster. It also has a built-in Side Chain compression feature to use it effectively on your mix session. This also uses very minimal RAM & CPU usage.

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