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ELIGIBILITY – This course is designed for anyone who is curious about learning the recording technology in depth of all information on audio industry.


  • Basics of Audio Concepts and Acoustics
  • Introduction to Recording techniques of Analogue and Digital Technology
  • Fundamentals of Microphones and Studio Equipment’s
  • Functional workflow of an Audio Mixer Analogue and Digital
  • Knowing about your Cables and connectors
  • Learn the Art of Microphone placement to get Professional results
  • Basis of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Introduction to Equalizers, Compressors, Delays and outboard equipment
  • Recording a live Session in DAW


ELIGIBILITY – This course is designed for anyone who will learn the entire professional mixing process of how to mix a song from the start to finish. This module will   about learning the recording technology in depth of all information on audio industry.


  • Introduction of Mixing and preparing for the mix session
  • Leaning the technical concepts and signal flow setup of mixing
  • Preparing the session for the mixing
  • How to handle your system and setup for small or large number of tracks
  • Learn about the core technology of Plug-ins and how to handle in DAW
  • Learn how to use an EQ (Equalizer) on every track and how to set for Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass etc
  • Substrative EQ and Additive EQ
  • Core concepts of Compressors, Expander and Gates and how to apply them to make your mix sound great.
  • Learn how to use Effects sends and Returns effectively and how to handle your DAW efficiently using effects
  • Parallel Compression & adding Saturation to your mix
  • Buss Compression technique
  • Setting up your session of the FINAL Mix
  • How to mix each track and make sonically bright using the plug-ins and what are the industries best plug-ins used worldwide
  • Learning to mix and polish your tracks some tips and tricks
  • Finishing the Song and preparing for the Pre-Mastering Session
  • Understanding compression for Mastering
  • Understanding EQ and setting up for Mastering
  • Multiband compression
  • Preparing your session for Mastering a Song and session Setup
  • How to Master an entire album keeping same sonic quality and plug-ins used
  • Wrap-up and exporting your projects to other DAW and software and preparing .WAV and MP3 delivery

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