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mixing & mastering

If you already know how to record your vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Bass / Electric Guitar, but still feel that you don’t know where to start for MIXING your song, here is the course just designed for many home studio owners/ musicians and audio enthusiast.

I know you would have watched many YouTube videos and blogs to see how to mix drums, vocals etc., but still does not sound tight and punchy like those PRO engineer’s mix. So you just open your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and start inserting your plugins etc with some Presets and follow YouTube videos to match the levels but does not work!

At last feel so frustrated and never feel like finishing the song or mix the song for 10 times using Trial and Error method!

Join now if you wanted to:

* Create great mix with good clarity

* How to Balance your tracks using any DAW software

* Effectively use your pluings and tweek according to your song

* How to get that Punch in your tracks

* Make your song sound sweeter and share to the commercial world

* Mastering your FINAL mix of your song

NOTE: My Formula works for any DAW and just requires the basic STOCK plugins to create stunning mix and depth and clarity in your song.

Course Duration : 25 hours
Full time or Weekend Course

Contact 9884145966 or Email: babalkp@gmail.com

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