Live Drum Recording and Mixing

Recording live drums is always challenging and fun. I know immediatley many will raise these questions.

  • How many mic should I use?
  • Do you use to record live drums with 8 mics?
  • Do you have good condensor mics for overheads?
  • What mic shoud i use for the kick and snare?
  • What plugins do you use in my DAW to make drum kit sound great?
  • Should I use compressor on all my drum tracks?

Drum Recording and mixing

Well,its not about how many mics you use, its about how well you capture the tone of the instrument overall and fit into your song. Also many confuse wether to use a good dynamic mic or condensor and they just fix certain rules by seeing other picture or any videos on the internet. This is all about how well you record and apply correctly in your recording session and mixing techniques.

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