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Hi there,

Welcome to the creative world of Audio Engineering and music production. Many of the starters and home music producers have tone of resources on the youtube and the internet to find what they want, but bare in mind that there are millions of videos with tips and tricks etc., but when you implement it in your recording session or any mixing session, many of them face lots of problem that they don’t get that Pro sound in their Recordings or Mixing and also in their Music Production! 

The big Question is WHY?

This is because many skip the core concepts and Foundation of the Recording Process, Mixing and Music Production techniques. Its not what computer or hi end Laptop or high end Mic etc. Its how you know to feed the proper signal of Gain Stage, knowing what a Pre-Amp Does, how to correctly record your Electric/ Bass Guitar and how to place the Mic position and get the Proper Tone. 

Everyone cannot afford high end equipment, even a basic Focusrite, Presonus or Audient with single or Dual channel is more than enough to home studio producers, then after they master their Craft of Recording, Mixing and Music production and more importantly the Stock Plugins! they can upgrade for higher needs.

If you want to Learn the Foundation of Recording, Mixing/Mastering  and Music Production. Please visit www.digisoundacademy.com or call us at 9884145966

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