Mixing a Song

Mixing a Song

Well, many think that mixing in the box (ITB) is not good as out of the box (OTB). The question is whether the quality is good in the ITB? or should I use hardware gears to do my Mixing – OTB? 

Well, it all depends on your taste and there are no fixed rules in audio. It totally depends on your budget and your own setup to prepare your mix a song in ITB or OTB.  But what i want to tell is, finally when you deliver the mix by ITB method or OTB, your client is only going to hear the quality of your mix and look for clean output with clarity and punch. Nobody is bothered which plugin you used or which console etc., 

But i am not to blame any company or hardware, what you must learn is each Hardware gear has its own character or the tone value which it goes through its electronic components. Like wise, each plugin company or the stock plug-ins has its own way of algorithm and behavior to process your incoming signal into your DAW. 

We should know how to use them effectively and process them in our Mix. 

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Sound Engineering and Music production Course

Join my new Sound Engineering and Music Production Course

We will show you how to record your own music live , mix your tracks yourself and Master it. Also do produce great sounding music taught in our Music production course.  What all is taught?

Sound Engineering Course

  • We help you to Build your own smart Home recording Studio
  • Learn to record great vocals, guitars etc.,
  • Produce and sequencing your music
  • Creating custom loops and beats for your music
  • EQ’ing and Balancing to create good sounding mixes
  • Learn the art of compression
  • Mix with clarity & punch
  • Master your Mix

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Live Drum Recording and Mixing

Recording live drums is always challenging and fun. I know immediatley many will raise these questions.

  • How many mic should I use?
  • Do you use to record live drums with 8 mics?
  • Do you have good condensor mics for overheads?
  • What mic shoud i use for the kick and snare?
  • What plugins do you use in my DAW to make drum kit sound great?
  • Should I use compressor on all my drum tracks?

Drum Recording and mixing

Well,its not about how many mics you use, its about how well you capture the tone of the instrument overall and fit into your song. Also many confuse wether to use a good dynamic mic or condensor and they just fix certain rules by seeing other picture or any videos on the internet. This is all about how well you record and apply correctly in your recording session and mixing techniques.

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Demo Voice Recording

Hi Folks,

Record your vocals with Karaoke music or just record your voice or song in a professional studio.

DSS Voice Promo


Here is the Deal :

  1. Bring your Minus one track (without Vocals) in MP3 format or .WAV file of your favorite music
  2. Just sing your voice over the track
  3. Take your high quality music mixed & mastered with your vocal track in MP3 or .WAV format file
  4. Share your recordings on Sound cloud, Facebook etc.,
    1. Use it for any for any TV competition or voice audition for any channel

ALL at only Rs.500/-

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Recording Acoustic and Electric Guitar without DI

Hi Recording Folks,

Normally everyone records their electric guitar using a DI box on one input and other they mic the  Guitar Amp and record two channels to get both type of sound in their DAW. But have you tried recording just any dynamic microphone or condenser microphone on your guitar tracks? Well, what’s the result? This give a natural Tone of the Guitar and it all depends on your miking SKILLS and ROOM Acoustics! Also for your Acoustic Guitar try without using your internal pickups to a DI! Well surely many would prefer the wood sound of the acoustic Guitar.Acoustic GuitarElectric Guitar Amp

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Electric Guitar Recording

Recording an Electric Guitar is always a challenge. It all depends on what TONE you want to capture from your Electric guitar. I know there are many AMPs Model in the market and many Guitar Plugins. But what is the right method to get that Clear Tone from your Electric Guitar and which suites your song accordingly!

Electric Guitar AMP

Electric Guitar AMP

Problems on how to proceed?

* I am not sure how to get that Metal or Jazz etc., tone on my recordings

* Should i use my DI box or Mic my AMP? or BOTH? I am confused!

* How to make my recorded tracks sound THICK on my mix? (With just ONE Guitar Track?)

* What is best mic my Guitar AMP to record my electric Guitar?

* What levels should I set on my DAW (Protools, Neuendo, Logic, Cubase, Sonar., etc.,)

Head down to my Studio to LEARN all this.

What I fully teach you is :

– How to choose different Microphones and its Placements

– How to use DI and AMP and also combination of both!

– How to mix on your songs and make it THICK sounding just using ONE Guitar Track!

– How to sound different from Electric Bass track and make a clear MIX on the song!

Note: All my technique can be applied on any of your DAW.

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