Voice Over Recording

Hi all,

Recording Voice over is always a challenge in the Studio because it requires more concentration on the Subject. Be it a E-Learning or an E-Book Reading project the pronunciation and also the Modulation has be given the TOP priority in the Recording. More over editing becomes the Major part as we listen to the Entire recording and also the lots of Pop and lip noise would be there in the recording. The main problem is to avoid lots of Breath control. I am not telling you to completely remove the Breath, its sounds very artificial. Have it at lower volume and just Gates If possible. Few tips for Voice Recording.

1. Place the Mic approx 6 inches away from the Voice Artiste

2. Do not get too close to the mic as this will create Proximity effect.

3. As the Artiste to take breaks in between the Takes and give him Water to prevent Dryness

4. If too much of Breath Noise is present, then use Gating In your Channel to Remove the Unwanted Sounds.

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Learn Audio Engineering and Music Production

Hi there,

Welcome to the creative world of Audio Engineering and music production. Many of the starters and home music producers have tone of resources on the youtube and the internet to find what they want, but bare in mind that there are millions of videos with tips and tricks etc., but when you implement it in your recording session or any mixing session, many of them face lots of problem that they don’t get that Pro sound in their Recordings or Mixing and also in their Music Production! 

The big Question is WHY?

This is because many skip the core concepts and Foundation of the Recording Process, Mixing and Music Production techniques. Its not what computer or hi end Laptop or high end Mic etc. Its how you know to feed the proper signal of Gain Stage, knowing what a Pre-Amp Does, how to correctly record your Electric/ Bass Guitar and how to place the Mic position and get the Proper Tone. 

Everyone cannot afford high end equipment, even a basic Focusrite, Presonus or Audient with single or Dual channel is more than enough to home studio producers, then after they master their Craft of Recording, Mixing and Music production and more importantly the Stock Plugins! they can upgrade for higher needs.

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Recording Vocals

Hi everyone,

Recording Vocals is one of the main tasks in the studio or at your home studio. Many of the starters or home studio owners ask me how to get that studio quality vocals on my sound interface because I only have a basic Sound card which is the Focusrite scarlett 2i2 etc., 

Well, its not about a basic sound card or advanced sound card, its about your ROOM!

Your room has all unwanted reflection which is also recorded into your mic, If the room is not treated well, you will surely have a bad sounding recorded track on your DAW. If you wanted to get that Tight clean signal like the Studio and know the real work flow, come and attend our upcoming now. Limited Seats only!


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Recording on your DAW

Hi Folks,

I know that there are many starters wanted to create their music and produce high quality output using their basic entry level audio interface. But many tend to misunderstand the correct input during recording. They simply record with hot high signal level and it sound to distort their tracks and they jump to insert some plugins pushing even further without knowing how to read the PEAK and RMS meters on their DAW.

No matter what DAW you use, great sound comes from 

  1. Mic Placement
  2. Good Cables
  3. Setting correct Gain Control on your Pre AMP
  4. Using EQ effectively
  5. Compressing and setting the levels correctly

Sometimes, compression is not needed it the sound sits properly in your mix! There is no Fixed rule in your Audio mixing. If you wanted to

  1. learn the proper way to get the best 
  2. get pro results using your audio interface
  3. learn to tweak your EQ and use compression in detail

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Live Drum Recording

Live Drum Recording

Live Drum Recording is always a challenge. The best part is placing the microphones is the key thing. Because it can lead to phase cancellation or creating a bad sound which you might not like in your project. But many of them has asked me which mic to select for what drum and how to place it?

Well, its not about your costly microphones, its about your kit, your Room and how good are you at placing your mic to get THAT tone in your song. The important thing is recording the Drum kit is getting a good GAIN STAGING and what Pre-Amps you use, it need not be a costly pre-amp, but a industry standard one is always recommended to get a good descent sound in your project or song.

Its not that you should keep 8 mics as standard rule of the thumb for a kit. I have recorded a entire whole Drum kit just with ONE MIC in my studio. Cant believe it? Its sound awesome! 

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