Mixing on headphones

Mixing on headphones

I know this sounds a bit odd, but many home studio budding engineers cannot afford a pair of monitors or do not have space in their room. So the common questions they ask me is

  • Can I mix with my ordinary headphones?

Answer: The first thing i would like to tell is mixing too long in the headphones will cause ear fatigue and the ear drums become aged soon. So your after years, your ears will not be able to judge certain frequencies which you were doing earlier. So i really don’t recommend using the headphones for long time.   

  • Do I need a costly pair of headphones?

Answer: No, you just need to get your ears tuned or practice various versions of mixes then you arrive at a point were you understand YOUR headphones better.

  • Which is the best headphones for mixing?

Answer: Well, it depends on your budget, some of the best one i like is the beyerdynamic DT770 etc. 

If you can’t then there are other solutions like sonarworks.com which gives an alternate solution for your headphone calibration for mixing.

Mixing a Song

Mixing a Song

Well, many think that mixing in the box (ITB) is not good as out of the box (OTB). The question is whether the quality is good in the ITB? or should I use hardware gears to do my Mixing – OTB? 

Well, it all depends on your taste and there are no fixed rules in audio. It totally depends on your budget and your own setup to prepare your mix a song in ITB or OTB.  But what i want to tell is, finally when you deliver the mix by ITB method or OTB, your client is only going to hear the quality of your mix and look for clean output with clarity and punch. Nobody is bothered which plugin you used or which console etc., 

But i am not to blame any company or hardware, what you must learn is each Hardware gear has its own character or the tone value which it goes through its electronic components. Like wise, each plugin company or the stock plug-ins has its own way of algorithm and behavior to process your incoming signal into your DAW. 

We should know how to use them effectively and process them in our Mix. 

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