Good Headphones for Recording

Good Headphones for Recording

Hi folks,

Many of my friends ask me a common question when they walk into my studio. “Which one is a good Headphones for Recording?”

My goto answer is Sennheiser HD280 Pro for recording in the Studio. Not because I am using! Its because this type of headphones are called CLOSED PACK Headphones for session recordings. It holds your ears very tightly and cancels your external noise entering your headphones and also mainly prevents headphones leakage into your mic. So this is very popularly used in many studios.

Also I recommend replacing the Headphones EAR PADS as they get dirty and worn out of heavy usage, check these photos which shows damaged ear pads and replaced with new ones which can be done ourselves.

damaged-earpads hd-280-pro hd-280-headphones hd-280-pro

Voice over Recording

Voice over Recording

Recording a Voice over for video, short film. E-book or a documentary is challenge for a sound engineer. Rather than focusing on Mic Pre’s and which plugins to use for the Voice chain, It is more important to concentrate creating a comfortable ambience for the voice over artistes. Here are some simple points follow to record a good voice over.

  1. Have enough well lit light for the artiste
  2. Place the mic steady so that it does not cover the Script
  3. You can use a condenser mic or even a Dynamic mic for Voice over
  4. Keep a bottle of water for the artiste and make them comfortable

Following these simple tasks we can achieve great results in our recording voice for any purpose. Here are some of my goto plugins for an voice over.

  • Avid’s EQ7 stock plugin – to filter out the LF from the room
  • Avid’s Dyn3 Compressor – to maintain at a constant level
  • Avid’s Desser – to remove the HF “Esses” from the words if its really hitting your ears!

Here is my studio setup for typical Voice over recording. For recording your Voice over, Please call 9884145966 or if you want to learn the art of Recording Voice,  call us at 9884145966 or email at

DSC_0038 Mic Voice Over setup