Vocal Microphone Technique


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Many people ask me this common question. Which is the best mic for Vocal Recording? This is one of the tough question to answer them!

I always tell them the same thing which i teach here for my students. Whether you use a normal Dynamic mic or a Condenser mic with a basic audio interface, its fully dependent on the ROOM you record. That’s the BIG SECRET. Any condenser mic can receive from 20Hz to 20 KHz right… So it means it can capture almost everything we hear in the place were its placed! so many starters, bedroom studio owners etc., tell that they receive external noise, its too boomy, its picking my traffic sound, birds sounds etc…

neumann condensor mic


YES, this is true! How can this be solved? How to get a broadcast sound studio quality sound even with your Shure SM58? Do I require a high end mic pre like Neve, API or SSL?

Dynamic mic

All can be done by just using a Dynamic mic or a basic condenser mic and just buy using your basic audio interface.

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