Hardware vs Plugins

There is still a lot of us get confused whether Hardware is better sounding or Software plugins is better. Well, to my experience, both have their own pros and cons. To put it simple, investing for an hardware Compressor, EQ or  Mic-Pre is costly when compared to a plugin. But hardware has its beauty of adding its own color or tone value to our modern digital recording converters.

Analog Recording

Those old school recording studios still use analogue EQ’s, Compressor’s, reverb etc., and they all add great sounding tone to the final mix even though they are mixed finally in the DAW like Avid Protools.

Whereas investing for a Plugins are always cheaper and portable and does not include any physical wiring! They simulate the tone from the original model of the hardware processing unit and adds rich tone to your mix in your DAW. However, still many people feel that you tweak the knobs only using your mouse or controller etc and don’t get the feel of touching the real hardware box.


Final thoughts:

  • Hardware has its own color and tone
  • Software plugins is portable and updates are easier
  • Hardware outboard gear requires wiring
  • Software plugins can be inserted in many channels depending on the DAW capacity
  • Mixing on both hardware and software is way called Hybrid mixing in today’s modern world, you get the best of both side.

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