Recording children’s Voice

Well, its always fun working with children. They are very playful and whatever they do, it looks nice! But to handle them in a recording studio, is a challenge. As a recording engineer, the focus is to capture their best moment in the studio. They get used to wearing the Headphone and stand bold in front of the mic without any fear! today’s kids are very smart and fast. When they first see the recording booth and mic etc., some children feel scared, some face it easily. But i make them very comfortable in the first place and then build confidence in them, then GO for the TAKE! When you want to record the precious moments of your children’s voice, songs or playing any instrument, in a Pro Studio environment with a personal touch, contact me at 9884145966.

Yocee News

Recently we recorded these kids reading News Bulletin for Yocee. You can listen to the recording here:

Spirituality or Satsang recording

Hello everyone,

I know that this topic is not describing any studio recording techniques or using some fancy plugins. But i would like to share my thought all those. In todays modern hi-tech world, we have all the gadgets for audio and video related field. But to record something which is valuable spiritual lectures, we don’t think of using those gadgets. Mostly people record using some cheap gadgets or the mic placement will not be correct or many would have not noticed about this small thing during the whole day speech.

Spiritual Mala

Later, this content will have lots of noise in the background or with some humming sounds or buzz in the audio track with a lowest volume recorded that we cannot make out what the GURU as said!

So its better to initially check with a good sound engineer and check the correct sound levels and ensure that the content is clearly recorded before the lecture starts, so that huge amount of time is saved in a proper manner and the content will reach all the followers effectively. If you want to record top class recordings of spiritual teachings or satsang-recordings, call 9884145966 now.

Also if you want to know what gadgets and microphones to be used to capture the best Spirituality or Satsang recording, call me at the above number. Charges apply for consultation.