Recording Acoustic and Electric Guitar without DI

Hi Recording Folks,

Normally everyone records their electric guitar using a DI box on one input and other they mic the  Guitar Amp and record two channels to get both type of sound in their DAW. But have you tried recording just any dynamic microphone or condenser microphone on your guitar tracks? Well, what’s the result? This give a natural Tone of the Guitar and it all depends on your miking SKILLS and ROOM Acoustics! Also for your Acoustic Guitar try without using your internal pickups to a DI! Well surely many would prefer the wood sound of the acoustic Guitar.Acoustic GuitarElectric Guitar Amp

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Rock Band Recording

Here is the Deal. 

1. Prepare 4 songs , it could be your own composition or covers etc

2. Walk in to my studio with your Band members

3. Live Drums, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals will be recorded all at once!

4. Record more layers of  Background Vocals , Harmonies , fills etc.,

5. Track more rhythm guitars etc.,

6. Finish all 4 songs in  a day.

7. Take home your DEMO EP Album in High Quality CD and MP3 and share it on Facebook , Sound cloud etc.

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* (Extra Time will be given for assembling your Drum Kit)