Electric Guitar Recording

Recording an Electric Guitar is always a challenge. It all depends on what TONE you want to capture from your Electric guitar. I know there are many AMPs Model in the market and many Guitar Plugins. But what is the right method to get that Clear Tone from your Electric Guitar and which suites your song accordingly!

Electric Guitar AMP

Electric Guitar AMP

Problems on how to proceed?

* I am not sure how to get that Metal or Jazz etc., tone on my recordings

* Should i use my DI box or Mic my AMP? or BOTH? I am confused!

* How to make my recorded tracks sound THICK on my mix? (With just ONE Guitar Track?)

* What is best mic my Guitar AMP to record my electric Guitar?

* What levels should I set on my DAW (Protools, Neuendo, Logic, Cubase, Sonar., etc.,)

Head down to my Studio to LEARN all this.

What I fully teach you is :

– How to choose different Microphones and its Placements

– How to use DI and AMP and also combination of both!

– How to mix on your songs and make it THICK sounding just using ONE Guitar Track!

– How to sound different from Electric Bass track and make a clear MIX on the song!

Note: All my technique can be applied on any of your DAW.

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