Audio Engineering Course

Audio Engineering Course


If you are very creative and want to Record, Mix and Master then head down to our studio for learning the real Art of Recording, Mixing and Mastering. In just one month you will be able to create awesome song and your own album like the pros in the industry.

We have 3 Modules to make you to be a PRO in Audio


In this module the concept of Recording is taught to make you understand how things work and Signal Flow is fully covered to understand various equipment like Analog audio Mixer and how to apply in on today’s DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation)

Duration: 7 Days – 2 hrs


This is a wonderful art by itself to make a ordinary song to reach its maximum heights to share to this world. Its a creative process of shaping the entire song to great heights. We will be using Protools HD 11 for this as my studio is equipped with PROTOOLS HD system. Here you will learn Core Mixing concepts, Signal Flow and routing, EQ, Compression, Delay, Gate, Expander and Reverb etc. to create a Full FINAL MIX.

Duration: 10 Days – 2 hrs


Without this step any album or an EP or a single song will not a depth or level to deliver the content to the outside world.  Only a Mastering Engineer can level up and fix all the issues and add depth to your album to sound great.

If you want to know all this at one go… Don’t wait .. Call now …

Full Studio facility available. For more details, call us.

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